Air Filters

We Stock and Replace a wide variety of air filters, media filters and cartridges. Not just any air filter will do when it comes to your equipment, customers will be given there choice of air filter types and will be able to make an informed decision when selecting the right filter for the right job.


Customers on a regular maintenance schedule will have all air filter replaced to stay ahead of any possible issues caused by clogged filters.

Condenser coils / Evaporator coils

Colorado suffers heavily from cotton clogging outdoor condenser coils that leads to costly repairs. Heat cannot be rejected when a coil is clogged with cotton, dirt and debris, so why wait.


Call today to schedule an appointment to discuss maintenance packages and costs.



The heart of many large units is V-Belts, the driving force behind air flow and exhaust hoods. Belts are placed under a lot of stress day in and day out.


During your initial appointment we can look at and discuss V-belt replacement frequency and cost. We can include this in the overall cost for an annual belt replacement so you don’t have to think about it.

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